Sunday, 19 January 2014

What's in my bag

I've seen a lot of these in the blogging world and they seem pretty popular so I thought I would try it out with my slightly worn in day-to-day bag.

This the day-to-day bag I use for work. I bought it from River Island around 2 years ago and it's lasting me pretty well! It's a comfortable soft brown suede bag with soft leather straps. Inside it has a zip up pocket for valuables, I usually pop a lipstick, my keys, phone and travel pass in here. There is another small elastic 'mobile phone sized' pocket in there which I have tried to fit my iPhone into but I'm having no luck and has resulted in being used a a chocolate bar holder.

As you can see, I have a fair few things in my bag (for dignities sake I have withdrawn the receipts from photo viewing). 
As I travel to work via train I like to carry a book in my bag, I'm currently reading Gone Girl by Gillan Flynn and it is fab! If you haven't already read this I would strongly suggest you take a look at it if you're into trillers! It's about a married couple called Amy and Nick. On their 5th wedding anniversary Nick finds that his wife has disappeared and is seen as the prime suspect for his wife's disappearance. 
Obviously, an umbrella. It rains a lot where I live and after being caught in the rain many a time I always make sure I've got one in my bag. 
Then of course I have my purse it is a tan brown Mulbery, it has lots of card hollers and a zip up pocket in the middle for coins. I personally like to keep my paper cash and cards in a separate purse from my coins (I am a true Virgo, overly organised). For my coins i have a clip frame purse from Ollie & Nic. It's a super cute pink square house purse and has also become a holder of my rings incase I'm going out after work.
I also carry a diary around in my bag to keep me as organised as possible and this year I'm trying to write down the moment I've got a new plan like a birthday party or when my phone bill is due.
The current hand cream in my bag is one from the MONU Spa range. It's a lemon and lavender scented non-greasy hand cream which leaves your hands with a satisfying feel.
I keep two lipsticks in my bag, first my trustily Clinique chubby stick in Super Strawb which leaves your lips hydrated and with a nice blush toned pink that can pop on anywhere at any time. This was actually the first lipstick I brought when I was moving into lipsticks so i would suggest anyone trying to get into lip products to try this one out when you next come across a Clinique counter. The next lipstick I have is a gorgeous YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Extreme Coral 15. Not only is the packaging gorgeously luxurois but the colour is divine! This is what I go to if my friends spring friday night drinks on me at the last minute, and I always get complemented whenever I wear it (it smells like strawberries too, delish!).
A spoon.. I'm not quite sure why. Lets move on.
I like to keep 'facial wipes' in my bag. Don't you just hate it when you're swatching lipsticks and lip glosses in a shop and there are no tissues or wipes to clean your hands after? Then you end up being very conscious not to catch the sleeve on your (in my case new sand coloured) coat. So I like to carry these around with me as I'm constantly swatching for a good lipstick. I also like to do my makeup as when I arrive at work. I'll prep my skin at home and once I arrive at work (I'm usually pretty early) I pop into the ladies and splash my make up on, so if I have a mascara miss-hap I can always clear it up neatly. 

So that brings me nicely onto whats inside my day to day make-up bag.. 
Soon to come..

Until next time, Over and out!

Grace x

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