Thursday, 23 January 2014

Brighten Your Peepers!

Too often do I wake up looking like a complete zombie be it because I've gone out, watched too much Gossip Girl or just had a late night. Well, zombie eyed no more my darlings because with just a few wonder products and a couple of seconds you too can achieve bright eyes like Serena Van Der Woodsen.

First up Optrex Dazzeling Eyedrops, the drops themselves are sky blue tinted and you only need one or two drops per eye for them to completely brighten up the white of your eyes after a few blinks they are great for soothing your eyes and concealing a hangover. They're fabulous to use before a night out just make sure you use these before applying any makeup! 

Rimmels Wake Me Up Concealer is their first high coverage concealer packed with brightening ingredients to awaken and illuminate your eyes. The concealer can also be used on spots or blemishes, however due to its brightening ingredients I personally wouldn't use it for this as it would draw more attention to the blemish you're actually trying to conceal. However on brightening the eye area its fantastic and really does awaken your peepers because of the anti-fatigue elements.

One of my favourite base eyeshadows has got to be MAC's paint pot in Let's Skate, its a beautiful light pink colour with tiny, slightly golden sparkles in. You can apply this product with just your fingers or with a fluffy blending brush like a MAC 217 or Zoeva 229.

I'm a big eyelash curler fan and would definitely recommend investing in a pair of Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers. These curlers are the absolute business and if you want to know how I use them you can read the eye part of my everyday makeup post here.

When it comes to mascara Clinique really bring it! My two favourites are the High Impact Mascara and the Bottom Lash Mascara. The high impact mascara is absolutely brilliant at separating your lashes and giving you masses of volume without clumping. Their bottom lash mascara is great for coating your inner corner and outer corner lashes separated and clump free as well as gripping and lightly coating your bottom lashes.

Remember, we all secretly like being told "wow, you have beautiful eyes!" 

Grace x


  1. Ahh I really want to try the shu uemura eyelash curlers! Very helpful post :) x

    1. Definitely try a pair, they've also brought out a new design called the S Curler which are supposed to be smaller than the orginal eyelash curler!
      You can also buy their eyelash curlers in gold!