Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Evening Skincare Routine

Yes, it's skincare, the one thing that to a lot of people is the bane of their day, God knows it used to be mine! But since my skins been behaving it's self the past 2 years, I've been looking after it the best I can and it's really benefitted from a good solid routine thanks the Queen of Skincare Caroline Hirons and her incredible blog. 
My evening skincare routine is one of the things I really look forward to at the end of a long day in the office. The air-conditioning make's my skin feel super tight and no facial spritz can save me after 6 hours. I just want to get home and take all my makeup off with a couple of cotton pads and trusty bioderma

Once I've taken off most of my makeup with my Bioderma, I like to use a balm cleanser and my current favourite is REN's No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm  it's great for getting the excess of your makeup off including waterproof mascara! I'm personally not a fan of the packaging for this product, I tend to find myself towards the end of a tube rolling up the end like a tube of toothpaste and we all know how infuriating that is when you know theres definitely still lots of product in there! Last time I ended up cutting the tube open. The balm is really smooth and calming on your face and is easily removable with a warm damp flannel.
I'm really into double cleansing again thanks to Caroline. I double cleanse to get whatever excess balm residue there might be on my face and also to help remove any SPF thats in my makeup. For this second cleanse I use my beloved REN ClearCalm 3 Anti-Blemish Clay Cleanser this cleanser is one of the the things my skin absolutely loves! and I swear I will never change to another cleanser. Whenever I'm suffering from a hormonal breakout I really go at it with this cleanser and it works a treat at helping clear spots or blemishes up faster! When I went a month without this my skin totally freaked out and as soon as I started to use it again, it really did thank me for it. That Ladies and Gents is a solid product, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with blemish prone skin.

After cleansing I go straight in with an Acidic toner, I use the Pixi Glow Tonic, yet another Caroline induced purchase. Its oil free, alcohol free and has Glycolic in it which helps loosen dead skins cells, similar to exfoliating but in a liquid form so if anyone of you suffer from spots or bemuses this might be the one for you and exfoliators with any type of bead in it will only spread the infection over the rest of your beautiful face. I really go to town with this when I've got a nasty spot, I really rub my sodden cotton pad onto my newly forming planet and it really does help reduce it's size and longevity. Annoyingly this is only available from the Pixi shop on Carnaby street so if you want this and don't live in London, might I suggest a theatre show in the Capital and a spot of shopping? 
NEW INFORMATION, you can now buy this online here.

Once I've acid toned I like to use a hydrating spray. I use La Roche-Posay Serozinc, which I'm sorry isn't in the picture! I've just finished a can but a new is due to be purchased soon thanks to a member of the family visiting Paris as, I'm sorry! This is another one thats hard to get hold of because it's not yet sold in the UK! Although I think if you have a look around ebay or amazon you might find a few for sale. It's a great hydrating spray that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and ready for all your other lotions an potions.

Next it's onto eyes, the eye cream I use is one by Indeed Labs called Eyesilix and although the tube is tiny at only around 10cm, mine lasts me between 3-4 months. It's actually the only eye cream I've found to make any kind of difference to my under eye circles which I've mentioned covering up here. It's a little expensive for the size but it's almost always in boots on a 3 for 2 offer. 

Once I've used my eye cream I go straight in with the hero product that is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex II. I have never once heard or read one bad review about this and particularly on women older than myself it works wonders! I pretty much forced this product into my mothers hands and her skin looks incredible and noticeably soft after a couple of weeks use! This product is definitely worth the money you pay for it and lasts one heck of a long time.

I've also been trying out a face oil at the moment, it's only a sample hence the trying this out part and I'm actually really liking it so far and it is the Clarins Lotus Oil. The great thing about this is it's been specifically formulated for oily/ combination skin. Believe it or not just because you have breakout prone or oily skin doesn't mean you can't use oils on your face, in some cases apparently it's also the reason you need to use an oil. With this product you only need a small amount so even with this tiny sample product it lasts you long enough to see if your skin likes it or not. It has a really lovely spa live like scent which is particularly nice and relaxing as you fall asleep. They also do these oils for people with dehydrated skin and dry skin so there is one for everyone, you just need to test your perfect match.

Finally I use the Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Night Cream. OH EM GEE! This cream smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange in a pot. Heav-en-ly. I have been using this cream since October and so far my skins really liking it, it has no shea butter in it so it's not breaking me out. It is a really lovely thick and creamy product to use before you go to sleep. I actually didn't realise until adding the link to this product that it was even voted the ZEST SMART beauty awards winner of 2013! Also, I've even spied this on the shelves os a beauty shop in Bicester Village.. Thank You Origins!

Ohps, I almost forgot! I'm really trying to get into moisturising my body at the moment and to stop it being such a long boring tedious task I use the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser so if like me you're terrible at moisturising you should give this a try, it's definitely a margin too. 


Grace x


  1. Great post, sounds like wonderful products (some I know and love, others i'm now gonna have to try).
    The cleansers have caught my eye although I'm currently enjoying the Clinique take the day off balm.

    1. oh right i might have to try that one out then.
      thank you for your comment! x

  2. Ooo I really want to try the REN balm! x

    1. i would definitely recommend then, REN are my absolute go to brand whenever i have a breakout or dull looking skin
      thank you for your comment