Monday, 27 January 2014

Revlon Lips

On Thursday 23rd January I shot straight to boots after work to check out the new Revlon Colorburst lip crayons and ended up though roughly disappointed. However NOT because I didn't like the new products but within a few hours of them being in stores all but one of the colours I had set my sights on had already gone out of stock!

Tease, Candy Apple, Juicy Papaya, Macaroon and Peach Parfait

Fortunately there was still one of the colours I wanted to buy available from the Colorburst collection which was Tease, it is a beautiful orange red colour that is also quite casual. I actually swiped it straight on when I bought it and was further complemented by the lady on the Zara counter when I continued shopping. The product is really smooth to apply, a medium thick lip balm not at all drying they remind me slightly of the lip butters but more on them later. What really surprised me was the minty (slightly chewing gumish) scent.. very unexpected and leaves you lips feeling a little tingling which I actually quite like. The lasting power on the colourburst crayons isn't brilliant, mine is a glossy crayon so it could be that but it does tend to transfer onto cups. However if you're not eating and drinking too much the colour lasts a good solid 2 hours. 

Like I said I could only get hold of one Colourburst Lacquer Balm Crayons so I took this as the opportunity to stock up on a few more lip butters. I've loved these for a while and they're especially great for those just getting into lipsticks as they are on first layer like a tinted lip balm which is buildable to a more pigmented colour the more you sweep it across your lips.
The colours I picked up were Candy Apple, Juicy Papaya, Macaroon and Peach Parfait. 
Candy Apple is a sweety coloured red. Finally I got hold of Juicy Papaya which I've been trying to get hold of for god know how long and it was the only one in the shop! meant to be of course. Juicy Papaya looks like a bright orange but is actually a very shear peachy colour. Macaroon is actually the one my mums stolen and is a berry pink colour that does actually apply quite pigmented with one layer. Peach Parfait is probably my least favourite of the bunch, its a rosy pink with golden shimmers in it which at first I quite liked because it looks a little like you have a gloss on because of the teeny tiny specks of glitter but once the colour has worn the sparkles stick around and without a good make up remover  are quite hard to remove.

Revlon lip products are currently on 3 for 2, the Colourburst crayons and lip butters are both £7.99 and with 3 for 2 I think that's too good to miss!

Grace x 

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