Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Tanning Topic

Finally some nice weather! Time to get my legs out.. oh wait..

Sometimes there just are not enough hours in a working girls day to tan! And despite my half hour lunch breaks and weekends off I've only got a slight bit of a tan so armed with a Primark £1 mit (bargain)  I went out to pick up some false tans.

Sienna-X Dark Glowing Self Tan  One of my all time favourite tans. At £23 this colours straight away without the nasty smell or sticky feeling. I apply mine after exfoliating and a fresh wax sleep over night in it and wash it off in alike warm shower the next morning. The great thing about Sienna-X is that it works on any skin tone from light to dark; yellow, pink or red undertones you won't be left looking totally tangoed! And so far I've been streak free! 9/10

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse At £30 (now £25 at boots, £5 off) this is my most recent pick up after a few disasters some years back with the gradual tan. But this, I must say I'm seriously impressed by despite the horrible biscuit smell. After my first application of this, the next day I went into work and everyone complimented me on my tan! This stuff really is packing some serious glow and the longevity of it is 'on point'! 9/10

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion Despite picking up the wrong shade of this (I picked up dark) Im really liking it it's not too dark for me I would say if you have a dark skin tone it would be too light. It dries almost instantly and really is makeup for your legs! It's great for covering up and bruises and filling in a gap you might have missed when fake tanning with something else. 7/10

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs This easy spray and go version of the above sally handsen lotion is just as lustrous. Water resistant so you don't have to worry about streaking in the rain and you always know when your running out as it's an aerosol. 8/10

Sadly not so sunny today, hence a blogging day!

Grace x

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