Sunday, 20 July 2014

Time for a switch up.

Despite me having only ever talked about beauty on this blog it was never my full intention to make it just all about beauty. I'm actually massively into health and wellbeing so I am also going to be also posting a few things lifestyle on here like food, recipes, fitness and whatever else really comes to mind! Perhaps even the odd dog walk!

Like I said, I am really into a healthy lifestyle, I find that not only does it effect your body, but it also effects the way we think and act with everyday situations. 
I have always struggled with my sleeping I used to toss and turn all night but as soon as I started incorporating more exercise into my regime around a year ago I found that I slept a whole lot better. The same goes for what foods I put into my body. Now don't get me wrong, I would never turn down a big slice of chocolate cake, I don't 'calorie watch' but I do know that when I eat more processed and high in sugar foods all day everyday I get very sluggish and I don't find I want to hit the gym at all. 

So, that was just a little intro into what I'm going to also be posting on here and I hope you all enjoy reading about it. There's is still going to be a lot of beauty posts on here so don't worry!


See you later,
Grace x

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