Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn On My Finger Tips

So summer is officially over and with it bright coloured manis and pedis but not to worry, autumn brings cozy nights on the sofa watching your favourite chick flick and a hella' big cup of cocoa. Oh and did I forget to mention my favourite shades of nail varnish? Here I have my favourite colours to wear during the A/W months including a dupe! You lucky ducks!

Barry M Gelly High Shine in Huckleberry  - A nice frosty pastel blue for those who aren't quite ready to ditch the pastels from summer *raises hand*. I'm a huge fan of Barry M's belly polishes, I love how they aren't streaky and one coat is enough if your in a rush.

Essie Dressed To Kilt- This is probably my new favourite red 1. because it matches my new bag (post coming soon) 2. It's not too bright but not too dark either 3. it's quite a sexy scarlet red shade that I'm head over heels in love with despite the picture quality making it look bright, this is definitely a red for everyones collection.

Essie After School Boy Blazer- This was hugely hyped about last Autumn and Winter by the likes of VDM and Lily Pebbles, they for sure made it my go to dark navy blue varnish colour last year I was bizarrely disappointed when spring/ summer came round I even coupled it with a glitter polish over christmas and new year which looked super festive.

Essie Decadent Dish- The ultimate chocolate brown with a bronze shimmer running through is just gorgeous beyond belief! I've never been into brown colours on the nails but this bad boy has changed my mind completely its just so different and I always get compliments when I wear it.

So here we have it, the dupe and boy is it a golden! Chanel Rouge Noir- I've repurchased this colour more times than I can count over the past few years because I'm just besotted with it, it a beautiful  deep dark purpley reddy colour which looks fabulous day or night especially with a high shine top coat i love this one by Chanel. But the other days whilst I was scouring the shelves of boots I noticed at the Essie bar that they had a shade out I hadn't come a cross before called Sole Mate and let me tell you, I am a big, big fan of this and it comes in a less than half the price of the chanel one! It's slightly more purple but only someone whose been as devoted to rouge noir for as long as I have would probably notice the difference. I can definitely see me heading back for more before every one else does!

So what should i paint my nails with today? Answers welcome down below!

Grace x

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