Monday, 5 May 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set

I'd been chooing over and checking the Zoeva website a dozen times a day for around two months for these beauties to come back into stock after first been released in March and can you see why? They're blooming gorgeous!

There's a huge love for these in the beauty world due to their stand out quality and affordable price. This set is 58.00 EURO around £49.00 which makes each brush about £6. Pretty good considering the fantastic quality and the pretty classy clutch bag too! They're hand crafted and the bristles are super sleek and soft, made from natural hair and synthetic talcon bristles so that they can be used with liquid, cream and powder based products.

106/powder, 102/silk finish, 127/luxe sheer cheek, 110/face shape
142/concealer buffer, 231/petit crease, 227/ luxe soft definer, 317/wing liner

My top favourites are definitely the 102 brush which reminded me a lot of my beloved Real Techniques buffing brush, 142 brush which I used to blend out the eyes of my concealer and the 227 brush which is a great dupe for the MAC 217 brush which I absolutely adore! 

This devine rose gold set is definitely something I'd recommend to anyone, especially if you fancy a little luxe in your makeup bag.
Oh and considering they were shipped all the way from Germany they arrived on my doorstep 5 days later! 

Grace x

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