Monday, 24 March 2014

Shower Room Secrets

There is absolutely no denying that I love coming in from a long day at work and heading straight into my bathroom for a long hot and relaxing shower. I love feeling clean, I love my bathroom looking like a steam room and most of all I love it when I find the perfect mix of products. And right now, I feel like I've got some pretty nifty ones to tell you about so let's get started!
For absolutely ages I have been searching for my perfect shampoo and conditioner mix to combat my colour treated, frizzy and quite think but lacking in the volume department think hair. However recently, I have been testing out the OGX Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo a blend of ProVitamin B7 Biotin, Collagen and hydrolysed wheat protons to help give thicker, fuller healthier looking hair and the Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner designed to detangle, smooth and tame for more manageable, shiny hair. These two are seriously bringing it to the table as a couple when it comes to volume and swooshy, sleek hair.
It was actually my mum who bought the OGX shampoo, to help her get some thickness and body for her fairly thin hair and she's loving it! So on a whim I thought I would try it out and oh hot damn! My hair is so voluminous! I really did not expect it to work after really struggling with finding a shampoo to help me out with volume but I can promise you it does! It almost feels like I've got even more hair when I run my hands through it without it feeling tangled. It works particularly well combined with my Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce moose which I have written a review about here
I have the salon size 1000ml bottle of Redken Smooth Lock Conditioner, thats how much I love it. It seriously combats my fly away frizzy bits of hair even if I don't blow dry after. Due to it being quite a nourishing product it almost feels a little bit like a a hair mask and conditioner in one so on weekends I tend to sleep in this and then wash it out in the morning to give my locks a bit of TLC and viola! Super soft, shiny and detangled hair! 

Next up on the list is body, now I'm a huge body scrubber. I love to scrub! And for well over a year now I have been devoted to the Soap and Glory Flake Away Scrub and the REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Scrub. Before I found these I had tried out a few sugar scrubs but didn't really feel like they worked well but then the other day I read in Allure magazine that one Burts Bees Body Sugar Scrub was in their Best Beauty Products section on their website and thought, 'Hey, I'm pretty sure I have one of these.." and jesus! This scrub is amazing! Despite almost being red raw after using this my skin has never felt so soft before! I used it the same day I was going for a spray tan and it all settled so beautifully and still 5 days later my skin feels baby bottom soft! I can definitely see this becoming a holy grail body scrub now, I really don't think anything could beat this baby!

Now, I like to chop and change between shower gels and oils and The White Company Flowers Shower Gel and Aromatherapy Associates Evening Revive Bath and Shower Oil products are just glorious! Both have incredibly over powering 'fill the room' scents which totally aren't sickly. 
The White Company's Flowers Shower Gel has a really mature scent about it featuring notes of lavender, jasmine, rose, neroli and geranium. The gel lathers brilliantly and the scent stays on your skin all day, it's definitely great for using before a evening dinner or party.
Aromatherapy Associate Evening Revive Bath and Shower Oil I at first only used in my baths, the scent it so invigorating you really feel as though you are in a spa and can't help but inhale long and deeply when surrounded with this incredible scent. The first time I actually used it I slept right through my morning alarm and was late meeting up with a friend! Quite the embarrassment! This product is again one thats scent really melts into your skin and smells all day long so no need to worry about layering up with a nice scented moisturiser because this is just darling.

What are your favourite hair and body products at the moment?

Grace x

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