Saturday, 9 August 2014

Haircare 101

Surprisingly, what I use on my mane is what I usually get asked about. After putting my hair through a lot of stress during my teens I've been told I'm incredibly lucky to have such lovely hair and I think I've finally got my hair in the best condition I've ever had. -With many thanks to my wonderful hairdresser, Charlotte.

I've done a lot of mean things to my hair in the past, dyed it red, split my own ends, drowned it in the devil that is sun-in and bleached it. So as a hairdresser once said to me, it's lucky I actually have hair and it must be pretty tough. 
So at the beginning of this year I visited a much recommended hairdresser in Leamington Spa and my god am I thankful I went there! Her names Charlotte and she works at a salon called Embellir. The first time I visited her I and no idea what I wanted all I could say was that I wanted "swooshy looking hair" and she did it! I've never left disappointed and she always leaves me with some great hair product recommendations. Today as I arrived 10weeks since my last cut and blow, unravelling my greasy hair out of it's pineapple bun she gasped and said "you're hair looks amazing! You probably don't really need a cut for another few weeks" and it's all thanks to these next few products thats got my hair in top tip condition.

Redken Smooth Lock- I use both the shampoo and conditioner. A deeply nourishing and rich range of products, probably not suited to those whose hair greases quickly. Just using the conditioner would suit all hit types however. What i learnt today about Redken products is that they actually treat the hair as apposed to just coating it like most other hair care products do. 
I have naturally quite wavy and frizzy hair but even if I leave my hair to dry naturally after using these, frizz is kept to a minimum something what I've never had before.

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protector- I rarely curl my hair nower days but when I do, I'm all over this! It's quite a heavy spray but protects up to 230 degrees worth of heat damage! Because it's quite a heavy sprits, I find it quite good for keeping a curl in place so great if you haven't got a hairspray to hand.

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray- This is the heat protector I use most of the time for when I'm blow drying or straightening my hair. It's very light and also protects up to 230 degrees worth of heat damage. I've been using this for a long time and have absolute no problem with it. Plus, it's dirt cheap! 

Moroccanoil- I've had this same bottle of Moroccanoil for over a year now and I've still got a quarter of a bottle left! I run half or one pump of this through my hair after i've dried i and it helps to keep my hair looking smooth an luscious until my next wash. I couldn't be without it!

What are your haircare must haves?

Grace x

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